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"Writing means sharing."

Paulo Coelho

"Your writing voice
is the deepest possible reflection
of who you are."

Meg Rosoff

PenCraft Publishing 
vision is to make it easier and more affordable for new as well as experienced authors, editors, and co-authors to use publishing as a tool to gain a wider audience.
This vision supports each author, editor, and co-author to share their message with the world, to generate an additional income stream, and for business owners and entrepreneurs to use their books as a marketing tool; working with talented authors, editors, and co-authors from across the globe.



PenCraft Books provides full support through submissions, coaching, and/or mentoring for each author, editor, agent, and co-author to share their story through writing.  Whether new to writing or a previously published author; PenCraft Books supports all authors, editors, agents, and co-authors to writing success.

Select to submit your manuscript for review and feedback
or commit to work with us now and publish your book.


Submitting Your Manuscript:

Once your submission is received it will be reviewed by one of our Editors.

The Editor will assess the genre, the subject matter, the content in your synopsis, the chapter headings and sub-headings; and provide you with feedback.  Please note: PenCraft Books provides a full editing service which is not included in this review of your manuscript.


Immediately your publishing application is received you will sent our non-exclusive contract for signature.

On receipt of your signed copy of your contract you will be allocated a Publisher, who will work with you from your submission through to your final publication.


"The power of a book
lies in its power
to turn a solitary act
into a shared vision.
As long as we have books,
we are not alone

Laura Bush (1946 - )