Danielle Lindsay




Danielle is a married mum of two beautiful boys.  After being an estate agent for many years, she decided to do something in the complementary field and offer alternative medicine therapies.

She started with Reflexology having always been told she was good at massage  and had ‘healing hands’. So she put them into action and successfully completed a year long course which included basic anatomy and physiology in March 2000.

Her family supported her wholeheartedly throughout her training, not least they enjoyed being guinea pigs for the practical element of her course.  Danni said “I loved every minute, and to be able to help people was the greatest feeling ever”.

Since then, Danni has established her practice and is pleased to note that all her clients  come as a reference from a previous client, so word of mouth works for her.  Consequently, she has worked with many different people, from children to old age, with varying different needs and problems.  She has even found that the treatment is successful for children suffering with A.D.H.D. Not only is the treatment so beneficial for so many ‘dis-eases’, it is great for relaxing and taking time out just for yourself!

Danni went on to train and add Homeopathy to her skill set.  She now offers both treatments and believes she has found her “true calling and now helps people with their issues at a much deeper level”.

Seeing remarkable results happen with Homeopathic remedies makes practicing a real pleasure, not least knowing 4 years hard work paid off for the benefit of her grateful clients.

Sadly, many people only use Homeopathy as a last resort due to the lack of education and choice. Therefore, her mission is to educate people about the complementary and alternative routes available in an entertaining and memorable way.

Consequently, she’s already penned a study book aptly named The Storybook of Remediesto help others interested in this amazing practice which also explains why it’s so much more than herbs!

Practicing from a beautiful and tranquil treatment room in Herstmonceux, East Sussex, Danni also offers a mobile treatment service so invites you to contact her so you too may benefit from these treatments.