Ildikó Miklós




Ildikó Miklós is an Engineer, Economist, Nia Dance Teacher and a MA-URI Massage Therapist.

She accepted Dawn’s invitation to write for Dial a Guru because she felt it was time to share techniques which helped her through the most memorable 7-year cycle in her life to date.

Ildikó introduces MA-URI and Nia Technique through her story of transformation.

Born in 1973 in Salgótarján, Hungary, she left home to study in Budapest. After getting her degrees at the Technical Collage of Light industry and at Foreign Trade Collage she started her career in a bank. Working for various banks she progressed her career as a process manager, a project manager and later as a team leader.

After several years in the financial industry, she turned her interest to the less material world.  Still working in a bank, she studied a Polinesian healing technique of MA-URI in Hungary and New-Zealand.  MA-URI is a massage and bodywork technique with ancient roots.

Seeking work-life balance, she started offering MA-URI treatments for clients after her return from New-Zealand.  After four years of practicing , Ildiko became a certified Nia teacher in 2012 and now teaches to a packed class every week in Budapest. Nia Technique is a movement “fusion” which mixes energy of different dance, martial arts and healing techniques.

Her strong passion for  helping people to live more consciously and to promote self-healing means since March 2014 she has become a full time Nia teacher and MA-URI practitioner.

Additionally, she is now a designer and proud owner of her own exciting range of dancewear.

Ildikó also offers regular Nia retreats throughout Europe.