As part of PenCraft Books vision to support each member of the co-authoring team, we offer a range of levels of support:

All Co-Author packages include at a minimum the following:

Basic Package:

  1. Co-author agreement for one chapter in a specific co-authoring book
  2. Publishing schedule for your chapter
  3. Copyright clause in your favour
  4. Includes your biography and photograph
  5. Your own Authors Webpage (photograph/logo and your biography)
  6. PenCraft Introduction and Writing Guidelines
  7. PenCraft Books support from sign-up to chapter submission
    • Marketing Material for your co-authoring Book, which may include video interviews, and personal Press Releases
    • Additional discounts if purchasing over 100 or 200 printed books, where this is offered by the printer
  8. Published in print, eBook and all Kindle applications
  9. On-going royalties
  10. 3% royalty payment from the adjusted net price from sign-up through the full time of publishing

Total Cost per co-author *:      £315.00     US$375.00

Need Help?  Never written a chapter/book before? PCB offers a Full Support Package for the Co-Author:

Our full support package offers the most assistance to our co-authors and is supported through PenCraft Books support and the individual partners; as well as other experienced entrepreneurs and authors.

In addition to the benefits in the Basic Package (above), PenCraft Books can offer you:

  1. Support through a range of different options through Coaching or Mentoring.
  2. Chapter editing – you have the opportunity to submit your draft chapter in advance of the submission date.  Your chapter will be edited/critiqued by a member of the PenCraft Books Editing Panel, who will provide you with full feedback and a critique.
  3. PayPlan – pay your fee over a period of three months.
  4. PenCraft Books support– this will give you access to all support provided by PenCraft Books from sign-up to chapter submission.  This includes, but is not exclusive to regular MasterClasses – these will be offered once a month and will be hosted by an experienced entrepreneur or author to answer questions submitted in advance.

*.....The $ price is US$.
.......All prices are exclusive of VAT (Value Added Tax).