Jennifer Rahman



Jennifer Rahman is an accredited life coach, emotional wellness coach and holistic therapist with more than 12 years experience in each respective field.

Jennifer was born in Singapore in 1954, was educated and raised in Singapore where she gained a Bachelor of Arts in two majors; Sociology and Social Work. She started her career in Singapore in public relations before moving with her family to England where she held senior positions in public relations and management.

In 2003, she decided to make a career change and embarked on a life coach training course that was to change the course of her life. As her three daughters completed their tertiary education and embarked on their careers, Jennifer was left with the proverbial “empty nest”. Rather than spend her days staring at the four walls, she decided to find a niche for her many skills and life coaching offered many opportunities.

Encouraged by life coaching, Jennifer decided to extend her skills and embraced a parallel career in holistic therapy. She is an accredited Advanced Practitioner of Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT), Colour therapy, Chakra and Aura Therapy, Feng Shui and Crystal Therapy.

Jennifer believes that being multi-disciplined has given her the expertise, experience and confidence to approach a problem from more than one perspective, or discipline. This she believes has given her an ever ready “toolkit” that is of benefit to her clients.

Jennifer set up her own life coaching and holistic therapy business in 2006. Since then, her thriving practice includes offices in England and Spain.

Jennifer is also an accredited life coach (APC) with the International Institute of Coaching and Mentoring where she is presently, its International Head of Far East.