////Optimal Edge: Unlocking and Enhancing Leadership Potential and Excellence in people and organisations.

Optimal Edge:
Unlocking and Enhancing Leadership Potential and Excellence
in people and organisations.

by Eugene N. Nwosu

Written by best-selling author Eugene N. Nwosu, this book can become your life's guidebook-it will enable you to gain a sense of awareness that fulfillment, joy and happiness come from living a life of creative and unique purpose.

Nwosu's vision is brilliant and his book laid out in simple, easy to read, yet immensely powerful language. It is an extraordinary blend of Eastern and Western philosophies fused with scientific fact. Its teachings are inspired by great leaders, past and present, such as Ghandi, Deepak Chopra, Wayne Dyer, Tony Robbins and Einstein, to name a few.

Nwosu's concept is phenomenal and you will grasp the knowledge of tapping into the omnipotent and ever-present universal divine energy to create the life you want and the life you deserve. In doing so, you will be successful in your personal life, your professional life and your spiritual life. Eugene Nwosu wrote the best-selling novel, Cut Your Own Firewood - The Ultimate Power to Succeed, and created the audiocassette program entitled The Ultimate Power to Succeed in the 21st Century, that focuses on entrepreneurial success and personal happiness. His diverse careers spanned administration and accountancy, with focus in Holistic Human Development. With a wealth of over 30 years of combined corporate and entrepreneurial experience, he is a Human Resources (HR) Professional - Accredited Coach and Mentor, Leadership Success Coach and Mentor, Executive Life and Business Coach and Mentor, Entrepreneur, and founder of Support for Enterprise and Empowerment Development - 'SEED Foundation' registered in Nigeria.

Eugene is engaged in facilitating learning through seminars, workshops, and one-to-one coaching and mentoring to help people and organisations lead effectively, achieve balance, equilibrium, and equanimity; and using the wisdom messages of Optimal Edge, he inspires, uplifts, encourages, motivates, and makes significant and positive differences in people and organisations.


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