Ruby McGuire




Ruby McGuire is on a mission to rid the world of grumpy people.   She’s a Clarity & Focus Diva, a mum, wife and cappuccino lover.

Ruby worked in a corporate HR role for 11 years and now helps Coaches to take the ‘next step’ – whether that’s getting their first client through the door, or taking their coaching business up a notch.

She works with them to boost their confidence, coaching skills and develop their business so that they can move forward towards success.  She says the more coaches that stay in the business of coaching means the more people get coached = happier people with happy lives. Ta-da, mission accomplished!

Ruby runs an online business program called Coaching Rocks Bootcamp.  When she’s not coaching, you will find her reading her way through a stack of books, ‘pinning’ on Pinterest, spending time with her family, making cards, or walking her little dog.

Ruby’s other online business is a coaching programs where she works with select 1:1 clients. A recent client said, ‘Of course I’m buying you lunch, you just changed my life, the least I can do is buy you a cheese sandwich’!

Ruby’s aim is to share and inspire fabulousness wherever she goes, encouraging people to be their fabulous selves, living life on their own terms and showing up authentically, hence the title.