Susan Hay


After a high-pressured career in the corporate world and her own challenging journey with food, Susan escaped and went free range. After retraining in Holistic Nutrition with SNHS she set up her own publishing company aptly named Thrive. She now edits their in-house Health & Nutrition magazine available in hardcopy and on-line.

Thrive magazine focuses on sharing healthy, ethical and natural products and news stories worldwide.

“Thrive exists to help everyone get that little bit healthier. We have some real champions writing for Thrive Magazine helping us to spread the word about clean, mindful and natural ways of living”.

Health & Nutrition has become Susan’s life mission and she also works as a Clean Eating Coach. Working with clients, she gets to the root of their food issues, inspiring change, as well as helping them to have fun with food again.

Susan adopted a plant based diet 4 years ago and is also a self-confessed juicing fan. She’s also an avid mindfulness practitioner and practices the hemi-sync meditation technique from the Monroe Institute.

Hear Sue being interviewed here on YouTube.